With 3 years of training experience and psychology + nutrition university education, Luke is a champion for holistic wellness. Through his own fitness journey he realized first-hand the crucial connection between body and mind, not only for himself but for the clients he has helped since. Luke works with a wide variety of age groups ranging from 15 to 88 years old, both at his home gym and in Greater Fort Worth. His experience in the field of physical therapy has enabled him to specialize in the post-rehabilitation population, as he has helped those with cerebral palsy, scoliosis, and diabetes among other conditions. Each client is unique, all bringing with them unique goals, personalities, needs, and motivations. Luke is intent on establishing and cultivating relationships that create the foundation for client growth and ultimate success.

Luke authors an inspirational blog to motivate readers across the globe at Readers welcome, subscribers encouraged!

– The Cooper Institute – Certified Personal Trainer

-Fat Loss
-Sports-Specific Training
-Group Exercise for General and Elderly Populations


Montrel Duckett is a certified personal trainer with over 7 years of experience. He specializes in designing uniquely tailored fitness and nutrition programs for clients of all ages. Montrel has lead multiple boot camps and group classes throughout the DFW area.

He has been a head coach for youth athletes, has worked one on one with professional athletes, and enjoys helping out with his son’s little league team. Montrel is dedicated to helping his clients achieve their overall fitness goals.

Weight Loss
Sport Specific Training
Muscle Gains
Aerobic Training



• Four years of aerobic and anerobic training
Training styles
• weight loss
• Sport specific training
• muscle gains
• Aerobic training
• powerlifting

International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Personal Trainer


My name is Haysel mother of 4 kids from California, who happened to discovered my passion for fitness, which it wasn’t always like that. I have always been very girly the thought of sweating was something i never liked. However after i had my first 2 kids. They pushed me to be active and it all started with hikes.

I ended up finding myself falling in love with hikes and doing more and more, i liked how i felt and with that how i started to look. People started to noticed something different, whic that allowed me to invite people to come along with the kids and i. In 2013 i met a group of people with the same drive, and passion. I made a decision to help others and help communities. Together we were able to help people by doing bootcamps on the beach, park, even creating group hikes. One of my favourite is mixing fitness and dance together. I think fitness it’s not just a “gym” thing, fitness is everywhere and creative.

I enjoy yoga, pilates, calisthenics, cardio, hikes, cross fit and dance. I like to keep fitness fun for everyone i believe we can all enjoy it. I love helping people discovering how fun, stress free and enjoyable fitness is. Most importantly i love encouraging and supporting people. Now as a mother of 4 i came to face a big challenge after i had my 4th child and that was being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. It became a challenge from losing the weight after my 4th pregnancy. However, it has pushed me to understand more how at times some people may struggle and how much more i want to help all the moms, women, men just everyone who think they can’t do it or is too late. I believe greatness is in all of us no matter what age you’re in. For me is Fitness is not something you do for a 1 or 2 months. It’s the change of a lifestyle that will bring great health benefits and most importantly will allow you to enjoy your life to the maximum.

International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Personal Trainer


Inspire, transform, nurture, lead and influence both men and women…

Teach and equip my clients with the tools they need to be successful inside and out, my clients receive both tangible and intangible results.

Build foundation for fat loss / toning / body definition and muscle gain.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
TRX Coach


I specialize in weight loss, building muscle, and endurance.
I love helping people and burpees!!

NASM Certified

International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Personal Trainer


Training Experience:

2 years of Personal training

Weight loss


Muscle Gain


National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

1st Place 2016 Deadlift Competition

1st Place Greenhorn Throw down Strongman Competition


Born and raised in the DFW Area, I understand the struggle is real when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I did not grow up athletic, I love Tex-Mex food. I didn’t even run before I began this journey!

At some point, I realized I did not have enough information when it came to fitness and healthy eating habits. So, I became NASM Certified and have not stopped learning! Not only do I continually learn about exercise techniques, fitness fads and how to eat properly, but I am an educational trainer. I like for my clients to learn why I have chosen particular workouts and exercises for them and not just go through the motions doing what I tell them to do.

Working with clients over the past year from ages 16-93 has been the most rewarding career change ever! I love helping people realize their potential and achieve their health and fitness goals.

– NASM Certified
– International Sports Sciences Association
Certified Personal Trainer
-Fitness Nutrition Specialization
-Corrective Exercise Specialization
-Group Fitness Certification


11 Year Navy Veteran
Dallas Born and Raised
Former Navy Master Physical Training Specialist

I specialize in Strength and Conditioning,Personal Training, Group Training and Power-lifting

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

1st Place 2016 Deadlift Competition

1st Place Greenhorn Throw down Strongman Competition


Specialize in weight loss and strength training

I welcome 1:1 and group training

Bachelor degree in Exercise Science from the University of Central Arkansas
College Football Player
National Exercise and Strength Training Associations
15 years experience/ 5 years certified


Strength Coach Navarro College Soccer Team
Fitness Instructor
Navarro College Police Academy
Fitness Director
Mary Peterson’s Day Care Boot Camp for Kids
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
AnyTime Fitness

14 years experience Certified
National Endurance Sports Trainers Association


I enjoy helping others reach their goals is the best part of being a trainer
Specialize in:
Weight loss
Lean body Mass


Experienced Personal trainer


Weight Loss and Toning

Strength Training

National Council on Strength and Fitness